Wednesday, 5 March 2008


So the trip went ok, arrived at Kota Kinabalu airport, and was heavily questioned about not having an onward ticket from Manila, but eventually they let me through. Painless two hour flight to Clark Airport Manila, and then 2.5 hour Coach to Manila metro.

My faith in humanity is also restored, Cora kindly came and met me from the bus which was really nice of her, especially as it was dark and quite scary (think I took the wrong bus). She is such a sweety, shes taking me out on the town tonight...

Met up again with Jackson, which was nice, and we had dinner and a good chat.. missed intelligent conversation the past few weeks!

So Manila.. really is a developing country, of all the asian countries Ive been too this looks the most impoverished. Lots of street kids out begging, Cora says itøs because its a Catholic society and contraception is not allowed. But (apart from in my hostel) people seem very friendly.

My room consist of a bed with a very thin mattress (and a few cockroaches) and shared bathroom,, which is all you need really, but I dont feel quite safe here, so although its the cheapest I may try and find another place to stay if I can. I mean its ok for a night or so, but for a week, I think my delicate back is going to ache big time.

Anyway off to explore today, Im a bit uncertain of this place and it doesnt feel as safe as other places I have been, but things seem different when arriving tired at night so lets see what today brings :)

Update: Great to have Cora to help me! Pic is of Cora introducing me to Halo halo: a Philippino dessert. Tonight: Off to the midget bar....

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Yes we know how delecate your is. Its just who you are. A delecate flower.