Thursday, 27 March 2008

Birthday in Perth day

Australians are so sweet and simple..just downright nice people...who like to drink! Picture is of me being taken to dinner at Uber in Perth

So I am 32. Nyah its just a number.. I feel 22. It was nice to be surrounded by good people on my birthday though, felt really safe and cared for. Was only a bit ruined later in the night by an sms from the ex. Even so had a lovely evening, and going out on the town with everyone this weekend for a full on Aussie drinking session..I think it may kill me :)

Thanks for all your good wishes, means a lot to me.

I did have a bit of a cry though, when one of my friends gave me a hug and told me whilst I was in Australia he would make sure I was safe and taken care of. That was nice.

They even got me a cheesecake birthday cake with candles and everything..its been a long time since I had a birthday cake.

A few things have been reminding me that i am supposed to be leaving this beautiful place and heading back to DK, and as much as i miss Piet and Mie and my other friends, I dont really think I want to come home. Its all hassle and stress there, problems with my apartment, my ex... so may look at job opportunities here.. cant hurt can it... ?

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Doc Nielsen said...

I'm glad you had a great birthday, hon :)
I just hope, next year, i get to spend it with you.
When you get back, i got a presant for you, nothing big, just something you might like :)

hope you remember to have a little fun every day
Hugs from denmark.