Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Here we go..

Sorry Doc! Here we go....ready...?

I dont like people. I dont like Americans. I dont like (most) women. I dont like false people. I dont like people who use people. I dont like people.

Perhaps Im just not good at people. I mean I good at reading them but Im no good at relationships. People generally end up hating me, and I generally end up cutting people out my life.

Still I am ready now for my next destination....AUSTRALIA!

Yes I am spending my birthday in Perth this year.. Its 35 degrees its a beach, its a mate with a pool.. what more could a girl want...?!

Been to an island for the weekend and tried my first attempt at diving..crazy!Nice to get out the city though...pic is me on the island. Did a lot of snorkelling and stuff..great fun!

Now I have another cold (!) and its holy week, so hunkering down in a hotel in Quezon City... flying out 7am sunday to Brunei and from there...Australia :) Im so excited!!!


Doc Nielsen said...

(crap - typo) Awesome!! :D
I really miss you Angel, even if you don't know it ...

I hope you have a wonderful easter, and a great flight to aussieland!

Now poke me on FaceBook already! :->

Anonymous said...

You have been missed. :-)

I'm just too jealous of your trip - would love to do the same. :-) Any pointers?

Hope to see you and hear about the trip when you get back.


Anonymous said...

I think you don't really like people that know you, because, (and this is not wanting to sound overly harse) you are not that likeable. Consider it a useful filter. Although in my experience, you can end up attracting the lonely and perverse.