Thursday, 13 March 2008

Out with the crap.

I feel awful, cant wait for this darn period to start. I know its not nice to talk about but its my life and this affects me big time.

Have had no energy at all, been laying around reading. Took myself to the movies and watched jumper (disappointing!) with a big bag of chips and a coke and a fruit shake. Just not in the mood for people right now. For one thing I can hardly move!

Im amazed how I have gotten used to this room and the insects and stuff... been here a week now and it feels like home.

Have been trying to get my brain used to coming home... so have organised a huge party.. thought that may help bring me back to denmark with a jolt. Thing is Im crap at organising parties...

And today a nearly complete stranger over the net offered not only to pick me up from the airport but to help me pick up the cats!! Im going to start trusting people more now I think. And accepting help. Before I wouldnt have but, heck, I need the help so why not!

I am also going to stop dating people who dont give a ´crap about me. I dont know why I do that. Actually I do and its bad. But I know now I deserve more. Men can do the legwork from now on. Thats not to say I wont work with them, but if someone wants me he can darn well show it, and I wont accept anything less.

You see before the guys that showed they loved me, I let go. And the ones that didnt I tried to hold on to. This is wrong. The people that love me for me, who ae willing to understand me, keep promises and do things for me-these are the people I want in my life. SO out with the crap and in with the good!

Doc Nielsen.. are you on facebook.. because theres a party you should attend. And Thomas.. join facebook please!!! xx


Doc Nielsen said...

Search facebook for Doc Nielsen :D

Anthony said...

Indeed you deserve better..

Never sell yourself short..