Wednesday, 12 March 2008


PMSING so gonna rant and generalise a while.

Why are americans so opinionated and insincere. All this have a nice day shit with a false smile, I dont buy it. Especially when under the surface lurks a passive aggrssive. Id rather people be genuine and honest, but not honest in a blunt and disrespectful way. Say what you feel thats what I say. Dogmatism drives me crazy. I mean I am self depricating but dont treat me like im stupid or my opinion is worthless.Geeez.

Still met some more nice people yesterday, and irish lad and a Dutch guy. Sweet people , gave me a book on the philippines to help my travels.

My visa runs out 25 before my birthday, and although it would be nice to spend my birthday with friends here, I think its almost time to go. So I am looking at taking off to boracay island and then after flying out of the philippines. Looking at Hong kong or australia next...


Doc Nielsen said...

So what are your wishes for your birthday? :)

Anthony said...

mmmmm..Maybe these americans are crazy. Enjoy your travel, hope it brings you harmony, peace of mind, and joy all the way to your upcoming birthday and beyond. Best wishes.