Sunday, 9 March 2008

The wheel of fortune

So Cora took me around Manla today, saw the old parts of town left from the spanish occupation and learned all about Dr Rizal. And then we went to have our fortunes told- boy was this guy good (pictured left). He told me about the lost baby, about the ex husband and even that I was a love martyr (his words) to my last boyfriend and that I was still in love with him and that I love very much! He also said that I have a temper (reading my palm) and that I should be careful as when I get angry I throw things (totally true!)He told me that someone in my family was ill, and basically everything thats happened to me. Amazing.

And THEN he told my future. Apparently this year I will get married, and have a child- a baby boy! My husband will be younger than me, and of a different nationality. He said that once I have a child I will be happy in life. He told me that Ive had rough couple of years but this is coming to an end soon, and that from July onwards things will be luckier. He said that I will be finding a new job (so a job then) And I asked if if I should start my own business, he said that I will but after I marry and that my husband will help me! He said my health is not good and I should take care, and that also I should take care of my possesions as I may lose something. I asked hiim what country I should be in and he said Asia shows strongly, not the philippines but somewhere in asia. He said that I would be getting an invite to a big event, a wedding or party soon.

The things he said were very similar to the Vietnam fortune teller but this guy gave more details! It was amazing that he knew so much about me! A friend of Coras went and she was told shed get married soon, she was skeptical as shed just broken up with someone, but she did get married when he told her she would! SO lets see what happens and if any of this comes true....

Also met up with more friends of Damian today, really nice people, so have lots of great contacts here now!

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Anonymous said...

The fortune teller is right except for one thing - I'm not younger than you ;-)

Remember - laugh at least once a day! ;-)